Adventures of Alex: Just because you don't live on the street doesn't mean you have a home!

Most people think of a person being homeless as someone who lives on the street. But the truth is that homelessness has many definitions and levels. Technically anyone who doesn't have a permanent address is considered to be homeless. Alex and I thought it would be some good insight into her world of homelessness as she describes her living arrangements for most of her 17 years of life. She has never had a permanent nor stable home to live in for any significant amount of time.

These feet have walked many miles but have never had a permanent or stable home to rest in.

I am homeless and this is why. This is another factor for my homelessness. I guess it started after my sister died. Everyone in my family kind of fell apart. So we all packed up and moved to Wyoming to follow the work. We lived there for about 4 months in a trailer but then we had to leave because supposedly the work was in Utah now and that's why we couldn't afford the trailer. So, we moved to Utah. We first lived in a two bedroom apartment but then we were kicked out shortly afterwards. It was at the end of my 1st grade year when we got kicked out of there so the whole summer between 1st and 2nd grade we jumped from hotel to hotel. Come 2nd grade, we moved in with my Dad’s friend and we all stayed in his basement for about 3 months. Then we moved to a one bedroom apartment in the ghetto where we lived there until the summer in between my 2nd and 3rd grade year. Then we moved to Florida where we stayed with my Mom’s Mom, my Mema. She got tired of the four of us living there so she got us a house in Beverly Hills and payed one month’s rent on it. But with no money to pay the next month’s rent, right before I was going to start 3rd grade, we moved back up to Michigan. We stayed with this man my mom knew for a about a year. Then in my 4th grade year we moved into a 2 bedroom duplex in Deerfield. But by 5th grade we were out and staying in a hotel in Lapeer. Eventually that got too expensive, so we moved into a campground in North Branch where my Mom, (who was now 6 months pregnant), me, my sister and my Dad stayed the summer in between my 5th and 6th grade. Then around August we went to live with my Dad’s Mom because my Mom was so pregnant. But eventually we moved into a trailer on Castle Road and lived there all of my 6th grade. But in the winter of 7th grade our power was turned off and eventually it got too cold to live there so we moved back in with this guy Leroy where I finish the rest of my 7th grade year. Then in the summer in between 7th and 8th grade we moved into a two bedroom apartment that my mom’s friend Rhonda lived in. We eventually were kicked out and moved in with my mom friend Sondra and lived there up until November of my 8th grade year. Then we moved into a house in Mayville but by February of my 9th grade year we were evicted. We then moved into my mom’s friend, Amy's apartment then after a month it was too crowded. So we moved into a hotel room in Marlette. There were lots of other families like us there. Then we moved into my dad’s friend’s house Johnny and Destiny. We almost lived there 3 years but I personally was kicked out and had to sleep in a car for a month over the last summer. Then my family all moved into my Uncle Nate's house in Flint. Then me and the person I lived in the car with moved deeper in Flint with friends until August and then in September we moved into my cousins house with my family and we still live here today. We are currently waiting on finding a place. My family and I have been chronically homeless, although my life doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotypical definition of homelessness. We are still struggling, still homeless and need support. I want that to be known that we need a location.

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