Thoughts from Izzy about Daily Life as a Homeless Woman!

Since the Motor City Mitten Mission has been doing Outreach to the homeless throughout the Metro Detroit area, we have made many friends, learned many lessons and have grown to truly care about our friends on the street. Many of our homeless friends have offered to volunteer for the MCMM as well as we've hired some of them on occasion to do odd jobs for us. Through this process we've met a woman that we call "Izzy!" Izzy and her boyfriend live in a 2 person tent under one of the underpasses in Detroit. They both volunteer and work for the MCMM regularly and through getting to know them, they have quite a few stories, adventures and thoughts that they would like to share. So one day I gave Izzy a notebook and she's been writing every day since. With that said, I'm hoping to post Izzy's thoughts regularly...please read without judgement but rather compassion and with an open mind. Please get to know this thoughtful, caring, talented and intelligent woman who is struggling right now. I'm posting the first three pages that she wrote to share.

"Thoughts from Izzy about Daily Life as a

Homeless Woman!?


On the sidewalk which I have, some of us sleep in Hart Plaza (which I have). So now I sit on the block downtown on the corner myself and two other street-fam members, and we all share a bridge. SMH. Such is life. LOL (not really) but all we can do is hope and pray and sad to say, make jokes about our struggles. But yet again, we are human and need to smile. God gave us a will and a way and I'm going to use it. For it is his mind,, heart, body and soul for us, so shall it for us all...we were not placed here by image, but by design...we are all god's children and put here for a reason. God know

s what he is doing and his intent for all of us.

So grudge no one. For only our almighty can save us and yes, I will quote the great Bob Marley, Redemption Song, "One Love" and a reminder that we do look out for each other but remember we do not have anything but us and you, so God Bless!


My Own Thoughts

Going to go with "he so and so or she so and so"

No names given. Not even mine. (Fuck This) But I will just go by her per say. May come up with a new name at some point.


If you only knew or just tried for 1 day, you would hate it. This is no life and joke. So my love and I are sitting on the corner as I'm writing. He has no words to add right now but we are sitting here in the rain right next to where we sleep, just trying to get to make a few dollars for food or a smoke (cig)'s funny (not really) but just a wave, "hello", a head nod, "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", "Good Evening", etc. would be nice. A smile would suffice, and would be awesome but it's hard for some to do that. All we need and want is to feel



Even though we (some) fly signs, it's a job without a doubt. Try it for one day. Try it for years. It's not funny and we don't do it for shits and giggles. This is our life and how we survive. Thanks to God and people like Ms. Gail all the Great ppl out here.

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