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Macomb County Winter Shelter

The Macomb County Winter Shelter offers more than just a refuge; it provides a warm and safe haven for individuals facing homelessness. In the embrace of our shelter, individuals find not only physical warmth but also a comforting and secure environment that extends beyond the cold winter nights. We are committed to creating a place where individuals can experience the warmth of compassion, the security of a welcoming community, and the assurance of a shelter that cares for their well-being. Your support helps us maintain this haven, ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors finds not just shelter from the cold, but a place that radiates warmth, safety, and a sense of belonging.

The Macomb County Winter Shelter is Currently CLOSED!
Located at: Trinity Lutheran Church of Warren - 8150 Chapp Ave., Warren

About the Winter Shelter

The Macomb County Winter Shelter is a vital initiative dedicated to offering essential services to individuals experiencing homelessness, including those who have been homeless for an extended period. This shelter serves as a safe haven during the cold winter months, providing a refuge where individuals can access nourishment, warmth, and safety.

As temperatures plummet, the dangers faced by individuals without shelter become increasingly critical. The winter shelter plays a crucial role in preventing the dire consequences of exposure to frigid conditions. Without adequate support, those in need are at risk of hospitalization or even facing life-threatening situations.

The call for support is urgent, emphasizing the impact that collective assistance can have on the lives of vulnerable individuals. By contributing to this cause, individuals can play a pivotal role in ensuring that the Macomb County Winter Shelter can continue its mission of providing a lifeline to those facing homelessness during the harsh winter season. The dedicated efforts of the shelter aim to bring about positive change and safeguard the well-being of those in desperate need.

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