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Macomb County Winter Shelter

A safe, warm place to spend the night.

About the Winter Shelter

The Macomb County Winter Shelter will provide services to folks so they can be fed, warm, and safe during the cold winter months. The frigid temperatures are here and folks are in danger! Without your support, they could end up hospitalized or at risk of dying. We are working hard to change that.

The Macomb County Winter Shelter will provide overnight accommodations and daily food from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. December 5th through April 1st. While open to anyone experiencing homelessness, guests will be accepted on a first-come basis as capacity is limited. There is no limit on the number of nights guests can return to the shelter for overnight accommodation. Bus tickets will be available each morning for those without transportation to work, appointments, or other destinations throughout metro Detroit. 





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Trinity Lutheran Church Warren
8150 Chapp Ave, Warren

January 8th - April 1


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