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About Us

The Motor City Mitten Mission is a Michigan 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping the homeless, the needy, the sick, and those striving for a better way of life while educating, partnering, and collaborating with a number of other organizations, schools, churches, clubs, and businesses.  As homelessness continues to be a chronic issue for so many Americans, resources to help these people are seriously lacking. Some assistance that the Motor City Mitten Mission provides are meals, clothing, blankets, personal care products, mats and pillows as well as help facilitate services by other local organizations that can provide additional services such as housing, household items and furnishings, health & fitness wellness, mental health services, medical and dental services, legal assistance, financial assistance, education, job training and placement, etc.  

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Motor City Mitten Mission Match: $250,000 Grant  

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