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The Mats & Pillows Project is a Motor City Mitten Mission initiative to plarn recycled plastic bags into mats and pillows for the homeless.


The Motor City Mitten Mission operates Detroit's only seven-day

a week outreach program. Since MCMM's inception, we have serviced individuals directly every single day, regardless of weather or holidays.


MCMM provide support for individuals/families that are on the edge of becoming homeless and those that are in the process of getting off the streets and into housing. We help those living on the street navigate the complex and severely backlogged public and subsidized housing system in Detroit.  


MCMM provides short-term stays in local motels primarily for families with children and individuals with disabilities.  We have built relationships for reduced rates with several motels in the area.  While in a motel, we provide food and basic supplies through regular wellness checks on each client housed in this fashion.  This program is based on funding availability.  


Our H2H program is MCMM’s initiative to provide full-circle case management and follow-up services to individuals that were formally homeless or that our currently homeless. 

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We are  currently part of a groundbreaking pilot program in Detroit collaborating with the DPD, Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, and the Detroit Housing & Revitalization Department to engage people that are unsheltered into mental health services and substance abuse treatment while also providing housing navigation services.

Motor City Mitten Mission Match: $250,000 Grant  

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