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Winter Shelter Schedule

Christian Trinity Church

21770 Kelly Rd, Eastpointe

December 4th - December 10th


Love Life Family Christian Center

17363 Toepfer Dr., Eastpointe

December 11th - December 17th


Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church

22360 East 13 Mild Rd, St. Clair Shores

December 18th - December 24th


St. Isaac Joques Catholic Church

21100 Madison St, St Clair Shores

December 25th - December 31st


Utica United Methodist Church

8650 Canal Rd, Sterling Heights

January 1st - January 7th


Trinity Lutheran Church Warren

8150 Chapp Ave, Warren

January 8th - February 25th


1st Presbyterian Church Warren

3000 Twelve Mile Rd, Warren

February 26th - March 4th


Trinity Lutheran Church Warren

8150 Chapp Ave, Warren

March 5th - March 25th


Celtic Cross Presbyterian Church

11451 E 10 Mile Rd, Warren

March 26th - April 1st

For Help Call:


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